Artist Spotlight Hour

Starting every Wednesday in July, a new show “Artist Spotlight Hour”. Each week, an artist or group will  be highlighted of the greatest hits and album cuts within an a one hour block.   Also, you’ll have two opportunities to hear the show. It will play twice, first at 1 PM and again at 10 PM.  To find out if your favorite group will be highlighted, keep an eye on our Facebook page for the monthly schedule.


More Music Variety

This month, you may have noticed that in addition to playing the usual classic soul and R & B genre, I am now including  Rock, Pop, Country, Blues and Jazz to the daily music rotation.

My belief is that every genre has a touch “soul”. If a person vocalize their song with compassion, expression and conviction…that mean they had pour their soul into the performance.

I hope you will enjoy the music as much as I do. Obviously, you must be, because you’ve tuned in. Hopefully you return to listen often!

Be it Soul, County, Pop, Disco…it doesn’t matter, some one had to performed it with soul – in their own way!