What Is Classic Soul Unlimited All About?

digitizing an album
One of the tools I use to digitize vinyl audio LPs or singles – a Dell computer and a turntable.

What is Classic Soul Unlimited all about? I’m so glad that you’ve asked me that. It’s simply a tool for myself to gain access to my music while I’m away from home. But to warn you, it’s not like Live365, Spotify or something like that. It’s just a personal radio station that I started to fulfill my “owning and operating my own radio station” lifetime desire. No more that five people can actually connect and listen. But I don’t mind sharing my love them music to anyone who listens.  I usually listen to my music via my mobile phone, work computer. I’m some how connected to my music during the day.  I actually love music that much!

I guess my insatiable appetite for the love of music goes to my parents (which is a good thing). My Mother and Father enjoyed dancing and listening to music.

album collection
Here are just a “few” albums that are part of my music library.

As I think back, my Mother always enjoyed pure soul music that were either romantic or it had a great dance beat.  She would purchase  (for example) vinyl singles by Sam Cooke, Jr. Walker & The Allstars, Al Green, Tyrone Davis and Jackie Wilson.

My Father on the other-hand,  had more of a varied taste in music. He would purchase albums and singles of various music genres.  For example, he would purchase anything  from the blues by Sonny Boy Williams to Latin albums; which unfortunately, I don’t remember the artists because I lost almost half of his album collection. He was also in the Navy. He would usally come home from over-seas with a box full of albums. Once he had settled down, he and I would sit and listen to them. Those were great times!

60s style audio system
This is an example that best resembles the stereo, or “hi-fi” that my parents owned.

As a result of my parent’s always have music playing somewhere in our home, when I notice that either my Father or Mother head toward the stereo, I knew there were great music to be heard. My Mother, in particular loved to turn up the volume so she could hear her tunes throughout the house as she did her home chores.


Back in 1967, when I was approximately seven or eight years old, my parents (with me in tow) would drive to their favorite shopping center (before the shopping mall was king) that had a variety of stores. Typically it contained a grocery store,

stream studio
If ignore the junk surrounds the monitor, is my stream studio. Complete with more CDs stacked for future digital conversion.

several clothing stores, Woolworth’s, an S & H Green Stamp store and other specialized boutiques, beauty and barber shops.  Smack dab in the middle of the shopping center was a local radio station that broadcasted  right from that very spot. It had a large plate glass where anyone could look into and view the DJ at work.  The space wasn’t that large from what I could see. As I peered into the glass, the front of the office had a small couch on one side of the wall, a few chairs a receptionist’s desk. A few feet behind the desk another wall with a door and a window (which I assume was sound proof glass). You could actually see the DJ at work. I could have stood there for hours to watch the DJ effortlessly and smoothly, play a disc, say something into the microphone, hit a switch, play another disk and pick up the telephone to either make or take calls.

future albums
More albums that will have to be digitized soon.

That was my usual excitement when I could stop and peer through the glass between stores with my parents. From that experience, I knew that it was something that I may be interested in doing when I grew up.


Fast forward to my adulthood,  believe it or not, I have a career in computer technology.  While growing into adult hood, I was very aware that I was very shy and I didn’t say much – especially when speaking in public. I just didn’t have the ‘gift of gab’ like the disc jockeys of ‘back in the day’.  Thanks to today’s advanced technology, it had enabled me to become a DJ and share my music with those would care to listen and give myself 24/7 access to my music, no mater I am in the world.

In essence, I would like to thank my parents for their love of music. Through my exposure to their tunes,  I’ve grown to love the same music as they did, but I carried it even further. For example, they loved Soul, Gospel , Jazz, various ethnic music and Blues. I have to add Rock, Country, Easy Listening, Latin and Reggae to the list (. My varied love for music had consequently inspired me to start my own online music stream.

All things considered, don’t be surprise on what you may hear when if you get a chance to tune. Even-though Classic Soul Unlimited is what the title says it is, you may hear a little Merle Haggard, Mick Jagger, Frank Sinatra, Nancy Wilson, or Billy Idol mixed in the playlist. Maybe I should just rename my station Classic Soul Unlimited and More!