happy holidays


I’m wishing everyone a safe Christmas, and a Happy New Year.

Due to the current unprecedented circumstances, I want to urge everyone to please be careful. If you must travel, please protect yourself and your love ones. Please review the Center of Disease Control’s suggestions by clicking the link below. Again, Happy Holidays and my God bless you all!

Your virtual DJ, General Soul.

How To Protect Yourself and Others

New Online Media Player

Greetings Gospel Music fans! I am pleased to let you know that I have embedded a new, live music feed on this site. Just navigate to the bottom of the page and just click the play button. I’ve removed all of the stream links with each one dedicated to a specific player. Now you can listen without worrying about if your media player is compatible with our stream. Please enjoy the world’s best Urban Gospel!

Peace & Blessings

online music links

Hello friends!

For your convenience, I’ve provided several links to your online media player. They are also compatible to most of your audio mobile devices. Each link is specific each media-player such as Winamp, iTunes, Windows Media Player, Quicktime and Realplayer.

Christmas music all day and night!

Merry Christmas everyone!!! Just in case you haven’t heard or noticed, we’re playing Christmas music from every genre all day and night until 6pm Christmas day! You’ll hear it all…from Charles Amos to Zappa.


The “New” Classic Soul Unlimited – GOSPEL!

Yes, it’s the “NEW” Classic Soul Unlimited, was rebuilt from the bottom up. I’ve upgraded the technology in my studio and of course, collected more music to share. Obviously, I’ve updated the site. I’ve pretty much had abandoned it during the studio upgrade. The usual components of this website are still here. However, the only changes that had occurred are in the Blog and Music News headers.

The first change is that there is now a working player on the front page. You can now listen to us on your computer or mobile device. You can also click the link icon above and below the page to paste the URL into your favorite desktop/mobile player.

Next, the Classic Soul Unlimited Facebook page link is working again. I’ve added the convenience to visit our Facebook page to post your comments, suggestions, or requests. Also, I’ve restored the Email link if you would wish to post a message to me as well.

Finally, the Music News link will inform you of our standard music programing.

Hope you will enjoy what you see on this website. I will more features soon, so come back often.

Again, thank you for listening!

Broadcast Studio Upgrades

Hello, music fans!

Due to the technology in my webcast studio have reached the ‘obsolete status’, I will be updating both the hardware and software. Even though I will try within all my power to prevent the absence of music during the transition, it may inevitable in order to install the new components. To confirm that everything is working, there may be periodic outages for about a week or two to “tweak” and make sure all is well the system.

I appreciate all of you for your support and positive messages!